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Football Headlines

Welcome to the Football Simulation at Simgalaxy!

So, you think you have what it takes to run a professional football team? Well, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get the opportunity to take over and manage your own professional football club in this perpetual football simulation game. If you would like to sign-up for a free trial, click sign up to the right.

In this football sim, you, as a team owner, are in charge of all aspects of your team. This includes the management of your finances as well as the players.


You can sign, release, negotiate, trade, train, bench, place players on the disabled list and more! Each night, football games are simulated based on the settings and personnel you choose. Each day you will be able to login and analyze what happened in the sim the night before. You can then use this information to modify the sim and correct shortcomings in your squad. You can also try to take advantage of holes in others.

Front Office

Money makes the world go round and that is true in the football sim universe as well. You will need money to make your guys better, scout other teams, offer contract bonus' and keep your front office going. That is where the Front Office Section comes into play. You need to set your ticket prices so you make the most money without scaring away paying customers. You will also need to buy concession and merchandise contracts to make money. In addition you will need to buy advertising every day to make sure people know about your team.

Perpetual Game

When we say that the Football Simulation is a perpetual game we mean that it never ends. The sim is a marathon rather than a sprint. Most squads that exist in the simulation have been around for many seasons and new users take over a organization that has a history. Players, too, have historical information and you may follow them throughout their career. Rivalries are forged between squads not only on the field, but also when bidding for free agents and other in game competitions. Although winning a simulation league championship is the ultimate goal, building your franchise from the ground up and keeping them competitive season after season is the first step to getting a shot at the title. To do so you will have to negotiate player contracts, sign the right free agents, draft well, and even develop talent on your roster through training.

Fantasy Football?

The Simgalaxy Football Simulation isn't fantasy football. You are not a slave to what real life coaches and players do. You get to make all the calls yourself. You run the team. When the games sim each night you have the ability to impact the outcome, not just start real life players who you think will have a big day. This internet football sim allows you to be the general manager, coach and owner!

About The Simulation Engine

Unlike many console based games in sim mode, this football simulation does not have coach interaction during the game. So, you don't need to be available a specific hours of the day. The games sim on their own late at night. There is no access to the site while the football games are simulating. So, no one has an advatage over anyone else when it comes time to play the games. The football sim engine takes the settings that you impact for such things as the lineup, your head coach and the players stats. Through a complex simulation algorithm the game sims each game (including monitary gains/losses). Once all games have been simulated, the site is available for users to view results, including a drive summary from the game.